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Let Us Introduce You To 21st-Century Recruiting.

Make Real Money On Your Terms

Forget what you know about side hustles. This isn’t about putting hundreds of miles on your car for peanuts or doing someone else’s shopping.

As a PRG&Me Talent Advisor, you can earn thousands of dollars by helping companies in your personal and professional network hire top talent. You can change someone’s life, improve a company’s operations and growth potential, and pocket real money when the deal is closed – all from the comfort of home and all in your free time. Welcome to the world’s best side hustle!

No-Obligation Access To Top Talent

PRG&Me is a simple yet groundbreaking concept that allows professionals in nearly every industry (we call them “Talent Advisors”) to provide top talent to fill open jobs for organizations within their network. Simply stated, PRG&Me Talent Advisors are professionals in the community, and in your own network, who are “deputized” to act as recruiters for your company. 

PRG&Me Talent Advisors could be your friends, colleagues, employees, family members, recent retirees, or neighbors. All of whom you know and trust and who truly care about finding exceptional talent for your business.

As a result, you get access to top talent by great people (your Talent Advisor(s)), and you can save up to 50% on recruiting costs without sacrificing quality. Best of all, you don’t pay unless we successfully deliver.

Stop hiring the old-fashioned way and step into the future of recruiting with PRG&Me.

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