PRG&Me’s Corporate Partner Program

The Value-Added Talent Solution Your Clients Need

PRG&Me is “Recruiting for the 21st Century”.

Your company or organization is focused on creating value and providing an exceptional level of service to your clients or membership. As business leaders, we all strive to project continued value to our clients, and we look for opportunities to amplify the distinction between our businesses and our competitors, lest we be viewed as a commodity and risk seeing hard-earned clients lost or margins eroded.

PRG&Me, a provider of high quality, Professional Temporary Staffing and Direct Hire Recruiting Services (at below market rates) and its Corporate Partner Program, can provide your organization with a new, supplemental stream of revenue and a meaningful distinction between your business and your competitors.

Here’s how to do it:



Your existing clients, new business prospects, and, perhaps even your own organization, currently have open jobs that need to be filled with high-quality talent. Enhance your service offerings and bring greater value to client relationships, increase earning power, and maximize the effectiveness of your already-deployed sales team by offering a staffing solution to your clients as a supplement to your core service offerings.



Corporate Partners have the option to co-brand this new staffing solution with their own brand and PRG&Me, or they can simply outsource the business to PRG&Me entirely. In short, if you bring PRG&Me your clients’ open jobs, we will work to fill them and split the already-discounted recruiting fee with your company or organization! With PRG&Me, there is no upfront cost to your company or your client, and no long-term commitment. And, PRG&Me will absorb 100% of the operational costs associated with the Corporate Partner Program. So, the real question is: why wouldn’t you partner with PRG&Me to bring this exceptional value and necessary business function to your clients?


Add More Value

PRG&Me Corporate Partners represent a wide variety of industries, and their association with PRG&Me allows them to add to the bottom line while separating themselves from the competition by delivering more value to their clients. Further, adding PRG&Me to your company’s service offerings provides your sales team with yet another opportunity to conduct meaningful outreach to your clients, and prospects, with a chance to develop new business, or strengthen existing client relationships.



Finally, all of our Corporate Partners are supported by a dedicated PRG&Me Success Manager, who will serve as your concierge within the Program. PRG&Me can be seamlessly added to your company’s work process within a week!