Recruiting A-Players at low cost for your organization - we make it easy.

Transform The Way You Recruit

The vast majority of employers recruit talent the old-fashioned way, then wonder why they can’t find people who are strategically aligned with their organization. In-house teams or costly third-party staffing and recruiting companies can deliver people, however:

PRG&Me delivers the RIGHT people, a BETTER way.

Rather than relying on the old ways of sourcing candidates, we have disrupted traditional staffing and recruiting by streamlining the process and improving the quality of new hires, all while reducing cost-to-hire. In fact, you pay nothing unless you hire a candidate sent to you by a PRG&Me Talent Advisor.

How Does It Work?

PRG&Me offers a simple yet revolutionary concept that turns recruiting on its ear and gives you truly cost-effective access to skilled, experienced and well-aligned talent. That concept is made possible by our Talent Advisors – people in your own network who are “deputized” to act as recruiters for you.

Talent Advisors are people you know and trust – professionals who work in cooperation with PRG&Me to provide Fortune 500 caliber staffing and recruiting services to businesses of all sizes in need of exceptional people.

Talent Advisors could be your friends, colleagues, family members, neighbors, employees, or recent retirees. All people who are truly invested in finding top talent for your organization. Delivered by proven, high-achieving business professionals with no upfront costs, and no long-term commitment.

And, PRG&Me can be seamlessly added to your company’s work process within just one week!

Stop hiring the old-fashioned way and step into the future of recruiting with PRG&Me.



Your company leadership works with a PRG&Me Talent Advisor or Advisors (you aren’t limited to one) from your personal or professional network. Your organization’s Talent Advisors could be colleagues, former colleagues, current employees, recent retirees, or even someone from your personal life.

Don’t know any PRG&Me Talent Advisors? No problem, we can work with your existing team to create Talent Advisors with folks already working for your organization.

It’s people you know and trust, who are invested in your success helping you find the right fit for your team.



Your Talent Advisor(s) works with PRG&Me’s award-winning staffing and recruiting team to find excellent candidates for your open jobs. PRG&Me has all of the staffing “bells and whistles” to identify and contact qualified candidates from all over the globe. The best part is – PRG&Me absorbs 100% of the costs to identify and recruit the candidates (i.e., recruiting software, sourcing costs, paid job boards, etc.). There are no upfront costs to your company.



When your Talent Advisor(s) has identified and selected well-aligned candidates for your roles, they present them to you for consideration, free of charge.


Pay (Only If We Deliver)

Once you select a PRG&Me-submitted candidate, you pay a nominal recruiting fee (i.e., only 12% of the candidate’s starting salary for direct hire roles), which is a significant savings over the fee you’d spend with a traditional firm or hiring an in-house recruiter. And, a large portion of that fee goes directly into the pocket of your Talent Advisor(s). Specific pricing information is available upon request.

Staffing And Recruiting Models

From executive-level positions to project support roles, when you need the right fit, PRG&Me will deliver. Your Talent Advisor will work closely with you to understand the experience, skills and success attributes your role requires, and they present only the most well-aligned candidates for consideration.

Ideal for achieving flexibility, contract staffing allows clients to access skilled talent for short-term needs like special projects or to navigate increases in demand.  We source quality candidates and SMEs and ensure every contract professional is suited to the project and the organization.

Hiring always comes with some risk. Contract-to-hire staffing solutions allow employers to mitigate that risk by testing a candidate on the job for a set timeframe.  At the close of the contract, the client may choose to hire the contractor full-time, and we make that process seamless.

What’s In It For You?

We know trying something out of the ordinary can be difficult. Change is never easy. But with no upfront cost obligation and nothing to gain but ROI, why not give PRG&Me a try?

Up To 50% Less Cost

No Upfront Costs

No Long-Term Obligation

Work With People You Trust

Flexible Recruiting and Hiring

Increased Quality of New Hires

Frequently Asked Questions

We make the hiring and recruiting process simple, cost-effective, and personal to your trusted network. Your company may never need to retain a third-party staffing firm or hire an in-house recruiter ever again!

Not always. For upper-management or executive-level roles, positions in highly specialized fields, or jobs that are extremely time-sensitive, it may make sense to engage a third-party staffing firm and/or hire additional in-house recruiters. However, in our experience, most jobs can be filled for a fraction of the cost with part-time recruiting support through services like PRG&Me.

At this time, PRG&Me accepts jobs from all industries in the private sector with a minimum base salary of $35,000. We do not currently offer this service to public entities.

No. There are no upfront fees, no long-term commitment, and you only pay if/when the PRG&Me Talent Advisor delivers.