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What Is It Like To Work With PRG&Me?

Client Testimonials

We were a bit skeptical at first as to whether our PRG&Me Talent Advisor could find someone for us in the time frame needed, given the location in which we work. But to our surprise, PRG&Me was able to find three qualified candidates for us to review, and one of which we made an offer that was accepted. This process really freed up our time and prevented the headache of wading through candidates that would not measure up. Thank you PRG&Me for all your help.

Jason S., Principal, Williamson Shriver Architects, Inc.

PRG&Me represents a groundbreaking shift in the staffing, recruiting, and talent acquisition landscape. As a leader in higher education, I was drawn to PRG&Me’s innovative staffing solutions to support my university’s short-term and long-term staffing needs. PRG&Me is truly a game changer in the staffing and recruiting space!

Carson C., Vice President, Indiana Wesleyan University

As a small HR Department with specialty needs in the advertising industry, finding people with the correct skills, background and capabilities is as diverse as our industry. My PRG&Me Talent Advisor took time to listen to what our challenges are in finding the right candidate fit, as much as he listened to what we needed on our broader team. I recommend PRG&Me highly and plan on using my PRG&Me Talent Advisor again, especially when our searches are difficult or challenging to place.

Carol W., CEO/Owner, Carol H. Williams Advertising Agency

Talent Advisor Testimonials

I made over $5,200 with just one staffing placement within the PRG&Me program. My dedicated PRG&Me Success Manager made the process simple and I was able to generate a number of jobs to recruit on by simply reaching out to a handful of contacts in my professional network. I am confident that as my network continues to learn of my involvement with PRG&Me, and the resources available to help them place key roles, I will see more success soon. This is an easy and lucrative side-hustle for any working professional.

Derek L., PRG&Me Talent Advisor (Chicago, IL)

My clients love using me as a PRG&Me Talent Advisor because they know and trust me. I’m even serving as the primary recruiting resource for my sister’s company. So, I’m not just another recruiter; I’m a trusted recruiting resource who truly cares about finding top talent for companies owned and operated by my friends and family.

Clarence W., PRG&Me Talent Advisor (Chicago, IL)

I earned over $1,600 on my first placement working as a Talent Advisor with PRG&Me. Getting started as a PRG&Me Talent Advisor was so easy! I had received a call from a professional contact of mine who was desperately looking to hire for a few key roles in his company. I reached out to PRG&Me and they onboarded me into the program within a couple days, and gave me access to the tools, resources, and staffing and recruiting team to support my search for top-tier talent for my new client.

Shane M., PRG&Me Talent Advisor (Georgetown, KY)