About PRG&Me

Simply a better way to recruit.

Who We Are

PRG&Me is a simple, yet groundbreaking concept that “deputizes” professionals (we call them “Talent Advisors”) to function as recruiters for companies within their network. Our Talent Advisors are professionals who work in cooperation with PRG&Me to provide “Fortune 500” caliber staffing and recruiting services to businesses, both domestically and internationally.

PRG&Me is often a side hustle program for our Talent Advisors, many of whom have other “full-time” professional responsibilities or are retired professionals seeking to remain meaningfully engaged. In both circumstances, PRG&Me Talent Advisors can earn significant income related to the fees generated from their staffing and recruiting services, in association with PRG&Me.

For business leaders and hiring managers, Talent Advisors could be your friends, colleagues, family members, neighbors, employees, or recent retirees. All of whom you know and trust, and who truly care about finding top talent for your organization. PRG&Me Talent Advisors are supported by PRG&Me’s award-winning staffing support team, who maintain a vast database of prospective candidates, and who also have access to millions of other candidates around the globe.

Simply stated – your organization has open jobs that must be filled and PRG&Me provides quality staffing and recruiting services at below-market rates, delivered by proven, high-achieving business professionals with no upfront costs, and no long-term commitment. And, PRG&Me can be seamlessly added to your company’s work process within a week.

Whether you are a business seeking to source and acquire new talent or a professional interested in the world’s best new side hustle, contact us!

Our Mission

PRG&Me exists to improve the way companies hire by leveraging the power of technology, professional networks, and personal relationships to source top talent more effectively and efficiently.

Our Values



Continuous Improvement