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The (Divinely-Inspired) Idea That Sparked PRG&Me

The (Divinely-Inspired) Idea That Sparked PRG&Me

As much as I would like to take credit for the concept of PRG&Me – I can’t. Why not? Simply stated, I believe the idea was divinely-inspired. So, I gladly give credit where credit is due.

It all started in the summer of 2020, when the world was locked down due to COVID-19. I was in my backyard watering freshly-seeded grass and strategizing about the future of the Premier Resources Group (PRG), our staffing and advisory services company. Given the uncertainty of the economy due to the pandemic, many of our clients had instituted hiring freezes or delays which dried-up most of our staffing sales pipeline for 3Q2020.

However, even before the pandemic, I saw many small and mid-size businesses struggle with their staffing and recruiting process. To address these challenges, companies would often hire additional in-house recruiters/staff or outsource their entire recruiting process to a traditional staffing firm. In light of that observation, my mind swirled with strategic possibilities on how to position PRG for continued growth; then the idea hit me.

What if we could create a more cost-effective staffing option where professionals could be “deputized” to serve as recruiting resources for companies within their own personal and professional network?

Thus, PRG&Me was born!

We believe PRG&Me is a ‘better’ staffing and recruiting option for many companies for a variety of reasons:

  1.  PRG&Me can be significantly less expensive than traditional staffing firms (up to 50% cost savings)
  2.  PRG&Me is more cost-effective than hiring additional in-house HR/recruiting resources (which can represent a $50,000-$70,000 annual cost-to-company)
  3.  Companies are able to work with people they know and trust to fill open jobs (we call them “Talent Advisors”)
  4.  Talent Advisors can supplement their income by helping companies/contacts within their network or community find and place top talent
  5.  There is no upfront cost, or long-term commitment, for companies to begin using PRG&Me’s staffing and recruiting services.


It’s no secret 2020 was a difficult year in almost every way. However, great opportunity can be born out of great adversity, and I believe that starts with prayerful reflection and a deep analysis of where ‘traditional’ services and processes can be improved. With PRG&Me, our team is convinced this model/option provides the price-point, effectiveness, and ease-of-use that will help small and mid-size businesses find, and onboard, the talent they need to realize their potential. PRG&Me stands ready to support that effort!