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How It Works

A PRG&Me Associate within your personal or professional network (which could even be one of your employees, friends, or family members) will have access to recruiting training, staffing software, and will be supported by our award-winning staffing team, so they can begin recruiting top-talent to your organization!

Once a PRG&Me candidate is selected and placed in an open, direct-hire position within your company, only then do you pay a small recruiting fee (12% of the candidate’s starting salary) which is significantly lower than traditional staffing firm fees (typically between 25-35%), and much less expensive than the all-in cost of in-house recruiters (approx. $49,000 in salary, plus commissions and legacy costs). Using PRG&Me, you pay nothing upfront and, in our model, a large portion of the 12% recruiting fee goes directly to the PRG&Me Associate. 

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How/Why can PRG&Me help my company?

We make the hiring and recruiting process simple, cost-effective, and personal to your trusted network. Your company may never need to retain a third-party staffing firm or hire an in-house recruiter ever again!

Is PRG&Me always the best option to fill jobs?

Not always. For upper-management or executive-level roles, positions in highly-specialized fields, or jobs which are extremely time-sensitive, it may make sense to engage a third-party staffing firm and/or hire additional in-house recruiters. However, in our experience, most jobs can be filled for a fraction of the cost with part-time recruiting support through services like PRG&Me!

Does PRG&Me accept all kinds of jobs?

At this time, PRG&Me accepts jobs from all industries in the private-sector with a minimum base salary of $35,000. We do not currently offer this service to public entities.

Is there any long-term commitment or obligation?

No. There are no upfront fees and you only pay if/when the PRG&Me Associate delivers.