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Success Story | Small Business Owner

Updated: Jan 21

I am the President of a small marketing company that generates $500,000 in annual revenue. I have a dozen employees and two-dozen key clients that support our business. One of our major clients is an online shopping company that has grown significantly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the increase in online retail sales. As a result, I am looking to hire a second Account Manager to support that client’s account.

I posted the Account Manager position on multiple job sites, but I’m not getting great applicants from those job posts and the applicant numbers are beginning to pile up. Additionally, with my other business obligations, I barely have time to review candidates who apply, and I certainly don’t have the time or training to actively recruit non-applicant candidates. I just posted the job and pray the right candidate will apply.

Our company is too small to hire a full-time HR representative or an internal recruiter, and we don’t have the budget to pay the high recruiting fees of a professional staffing firm. So, a couple members of my leadership are helping to fill this role, while we continue to try and fulfill our normal work responsibilities. That’s when I heard about PRG&Me from my cousin!

My cousin has always been entrepreneurial - he drives for a ride-sharing service on the weekends to earn extra money. He recently was accepted into the PRG&Me Program as an “Associate,” and he heard I needed help hiring the right person for the Account Manager position.

So, with the help of PRG&Me’s award-winning staffing and recruiting team, my cousin was able to locate, phone screen, and submit a number of excellent candidates for my leadership team to review. We invited three of the submitted candidates to interview with us, via Zoom, and are optimistic we can hire one of them by the end of the week.

Finally, with PRG&Me’s “bottom-of-the-market” service fee, my total cost was only a few thousand dollars more than it would have been if I had to do everything myself, and it’s nice to know my cousin will pocket a significant part of that fee! I’ll definitely use PRG&Me again as our business continues to grow.

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