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Success Story | Hiring Manager at Mid-Size Company

Updated: Jan 21

I was recently promoted to Manager of a mid-size consulting firm in the Southeast. I work closely with the Director of HR to recruit and hire consultants to join our full-time team. The Director of HR also uses an in-house recruiter to hire office support staff (i.e., administrative assistants, sales representatives, business analysts, etc.).

Recently, my company leadership asked me to evaluate overhead costs to determine if there is a more cost-effective, but efficient, way to hire and staff our team. That’s when I thought about PRG&Me. I remembered one of our “go-getter” sales representatives met with me last month and said she was considering becoming a part-time “PRG&Me Associate,” and was interested in helping recruit top-talent to our organization.

I ran the numbers and concluded it would actually be less expensive than hiring additional in-house recruiters or outsourcing many of the open positions to a professional staffing company. Also, I liked the idea of one of our own, trusted employees helping to grow our company and receive a significant portion of the recruiting fee as a PRG&Me Associate.

So, I tried PRG&Me for a couple of the support staff roles, and was impressed with how easy, quick, and cost-effective it was! Not only did I get excellent candidates for the open positions, but our own sales rep. (and PRG&Me Associate) was thrilled with the extra money she earned from this Program – she’s more invested in the long-term success and growth of the company than ever! We’ll definitely use PRG&Me again!

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