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Updated: Jan 21

I am an insurance agent who loves working with people! However, I’m also entrepreneurial and always looking for an opportunity to supplement my income with “side hustles.” To that point, a few years ago I got my real-estate license and I sell houses on the weekends to earn an extra few thousand dollars each year. Lately, I’ve been evaluating other opportunities to earn additional income, and even considered driving for ride-sharing companies at night. Then I found PRG&Me!

PRG&Me allows me to earn thousands (even tens of thousands) of dollars by helping my friends, family, and neighbors find top-talent for their companies! For example, just in the past few months, I helped my sister’s company find an office manager, and I placed a paralegal at my neighbor’s law firm. Additionally, I have a meeting next week with my boss at the insurance company who is considering using me as a PRG&Me Associate to place candidates within my own company.

As a PRG&Me Associate, I am able to work when I want, where I want, and the placement process is simple and straightforward. After I applied and was selected to be a PRG&Me Associate, I was trained and onboarded in just a couple days, and was given a dedicated Success Manager who helped me with every step of the staffing and recruiting process. After all, I didn’t have any staffing or recruiting experience, but that didn’t matter. It also didn’t cost me a thing! PRG&Me paid for all my relevant licenses, subscriptions, etc., and gave me tailored marketing materials to be able to grow my own business within the PRG&Me program.

Finally, PRG&Me represents a better, crowd-sourced way to hire talent and I love the fact I’m involved with a groundbreaking business that will likely change the way companies hire moving forward! Thanks, PRG&Me!

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