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Why Partner With Us?

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You have contacts within your personal and professional network who have staffing/hiring/recruiting needs within their companies. Oftentimes, companies will engage staffing firms, hire in-house recruiters, or simply let the jobs stay open until the right person applies.

You apply to become a PRG&Me Associate (click here to apply) and if selected, have access to recruiting training that only takes one day, use of staffing software, personalized marketing material, and the support of an award-winning recruiting team to help place top-tier candidates in open, direct-hire jobs within those companies.

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Once a candidate is placed in an open position, you earn thousands of dollars in commissions.  We do not currently cap PRG&Me Associate commissions - the more jobs you fill, the more money you earn!


Why should I consider becoming a PRG&Me Associate?

The following is available, if selected: 1. It's FREE - PRG&Me pays the onboarding/licensing costs for selected PRG&Me Associates. 2. It's Easy to Use - PRG&Me Associates are invited to attend a one-day, virtual training event and, thereafter, Associates will have access to a Success Manager whose job it is to ensure Associate success within the PRG&Me program. 3. It's Flexible - PRG&Me Associates are working for themselves! Associates work when they want, where they want, and with whom they want! There are no set hours or minimum weekly requirements for PRG&Me Associates. 4. It's Lucrative - PRG&Me Associates can earn thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars each year.

What kind of money can I earn?

A PRG&Me Associate has unlimited earning potential and with each job placement can earn thousands of dollars.

How will I be supported at PRG&Me?

Each Associate will have access to a "Success Manager" who will work with them to ensure they are successful within the PRG&Me program. PRG&Me Associates will have access to recruiting software and other relevant tools/resources to find excellent candidates to submit for open, direct-hire jobs.

Do I need staffing/recruiting experience?

No. In fact, that's the whole point of PRG&Me! With the right tools, resources, and support, almost anyone can find top-tier talent for companies within their personal or professional network.

Do you accept all kinds of jobs within PRG&Me?

PRG&Me is focused on direct-hire jobs with a minimum starting salary of $35,000 per year. We accept jobs from all industries in the private-sector. This service is not currently offered to public sector entities.

Will I have to become an employee of PRG&Me?

No, PRG&Me Associates work as independent contractors.